2022-11-07 / Dubai, UAE OS / Dubai / High Angle Drilling Engineering & Operations Course / 3 Days

Painful experience has shown that even the most robust drilling programme can fail through incorrect implementation techniques.

Due to the increased challenges and numerous procedural revisions associated with high angle wells, educating personnel on how to identify issues before they become problems is crucial in delivering a successful deviated well

Invest in yourself, your team and ultimately your results by attending Merlin ERD's Horizontal & High Angle Operations & Engineering Training Course.

What will I learn?

○ How to determine the maximum reach from your location
○ Key planning considerations to delivering trouble free wells
○ Root cause of problems encountered in high angle wells
○ Identifying minimum equipment specifications for ERD projects
○ What others are doing around the world to assure success
○ Latest tools and techniques used to reliably deliver ERD projects
○ How to minimise downtime due to 3rd party tools


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